Clean. Green. Authentic Australian

Merino & Jumbuck is one of Australia’s leading creators of Merino Wool apparel.
For more than 30 years we have crafted the first layer you wear, the closest thing to your skin, and that’s why nothing less than Superfine Australian Merino Wool will do.

Simple, functional and fashionable, our relaxation apparel and undergarments fit effortlessly into your life. Working beneath clothing or as an outer layer, our garments provide exceptional comfort and durability.

Thermo Fleece

You’re busy and uncompromising, so you need clothing that supports you in every way. You want undergarments that don’t call needless attention to themselves, but do their job spectacularly, just like you…

Merino Skins

Contemporary in performance but classic in nature, the fashion-forward range of Merino Skins relaxation apparel blends urban chic design with Australian merino wool.